The Team

A Team Focused On Delivery

The team at Royce Stone Capital are focused on delivering successful outcomes and winning the long game. The culture of the group is based on strategic thinking, risk mitigation, making correct decisions,  discipline and speed.


We are not pressured to take on deals that we do not think are in the interest of our clients, nor are we forced to achieve growth targets that could force us to take on deals that we shouldn’t.


Our core advantage is our innovative solutions, networks and our ability to quickly deliver on projects in time frames that others would be challenged by.


Our key leadership team is listed below.

Giorgis Gia

Giorgis Gia

Non Exec Director

Mr. Gia is a key founding member of the Royce Stone Capital Board, where he helps direct the strategy and policies of the business. His ability to engage with various stakeholders has proven invaluable to the company, helping to increase the awareness of what we do.


Mr. Gia’s experience in banking, equity markets and knowledge from his personal networks have helped shape the Tactical Opportunities arm of the business. He now shares his  knowledge of equity markets and banking with the broader group.

Michael Yarrow

Michael Yarrow

Head of Finance

Mr. Yarrow is the Head of  Finance for Royce Stone Capital. He provides the company with fundamental insights into the businesses that group invests in, in addition to the day to day financial operations of the business.

Mr. Yarrow also acts in advisory capacity for our investor clients and the business partners that we work with. In particular his focus is on ensuring their cash flow and data management systems are at an optimal state.

Mr Yarrow holds a Bachelor of Business, with 10 years experience in accounting as well as finance. He sits on a number of private equity boards, as well having established a number of his own successful businesses.

He enjoys sports such as Muay Thai, and indulges in a wide variety of cuisines at various restaurants in his spare time.

Nick Agetzis

Nick Agetzis

Head Legal Counsel

Mr. Agetzis is the Head Legal Counsel for Royce Stone Capital with 12 years of corporate and financial law experience. He is a key member of the leadership team as he provides legal counsel for Royce Stone Capital and the businesses it invests in.

Mr. Agetzis provides critical tactical insights for the group and execution in the areas of legal compliance, litigation, contract law, negotians, risk mitigation and commercial due diligence.

Mr. Agetzis is a practicing lawyer and specialises in contract law and litigation. This has enabled the company to expand its areas of operations into private business lending and business advisory.

Mr. Agetzis works with a number of charities providing pro bono legal advice and spends most of his spare time with his young family or at the gym.


Tarek Omar

Tarek Omar

Head of Capital Stable Investments

Mr. Omar is the  Head of Capital Stable Investments. His underlying principles of long term value growth, co alignment and long term success, are permeated throughout how the business operates.

Mr. Omar’s experience of over 10 years is comprised of working for ASX listed companies primarily in the areas of strategic projects, business integration within mergers & acquisitions, commercial management, capability development and business development.

Mr. Omar holds a Masters of Commerce, Masters of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Commerce. He formerly mentored RMIT MBA students and Telstra graduates.

When he isn’t working or discussing financial markets,  he enjoys participating in sports such as soccer, Krav Maga and general fitness.