Royce Stone Tactical Opportunities

Timely, Adaptive and Focused


Tactical Opportunities is entrepreneurial in nature and has a  flexible mandate by design, aimed at taking advantage of key market opportunities to drive investor capital growth. We drive growth by investing in a number of alternative assets or by providing short term liquidity solutions.  Tactical Opportunities works in part as a business horizontal across the different arms of the company, to see where it can add value and  also as a vertical in its own right.  We typically drive change in situations such as;


  • Injecting timely short term liquidity for businesses, at a fair premium.
  • Finding undervalued assets, with a contrarian viewpoint to achieve capital growth.
  • Trading in speculative equities, that achieve high capital growth.
  • Creating synergies and new revenue arms for our clients and the businesses we work with.



Drivers of Change

Royce Stone Tactical Opportunities has been designed to be agile and rapid in nature, in response to market opportunities. Our investors and business partners alike, both depend on our ability to deliver timely solutions for  businesses to grow, whilst also providing investors with a healthy return.


We understand that effective and rapid capital injections, can often make the difference between utter success and failure for businesses. It is for this reason that businesses work with us and trust us to deliver.

Growth At Every Corner

Royce Stone Tactical Opportunities works on the premise that every new meeting, is a potential opportunity  to solve a problem, drive change or create growth, whether it be in the present or at some unknown point in the future.


If we aren’t working with someone today, unforeseen circumstances means we could be working with them tomorrow. As such we have an extensive network that we leverage, to create new business opportunities for our clients and the businesses we work with.




Our mandate is simple. Find opportunities, where we can deliver rapid solutions, in order to drive real growth.

Areas of Focus

Tactical  Opportunities looks to grow investor wealth, by working in 4 key areas. We  increase investor wealth by providing short term liquidity to businesses,  or by taking a short to medium term position on a speculative asset or a contrarian position.

Liquid Solutions

Providing rapid and effective liquidity solutions.

We use a number of short to long term mechanisms to inject liquidity into business. Such as convertible notes, secured loans and capital raising. This helps businesses with their short term capital requirements , whilst giving investors a healthy return.

Contrarian Investments

Seeing the vale others don't.

We look for situations where equities and assets have been mispriced due to market overreaction. We buy these equities or assets at a discount, once we are confident of their growth potential.

Speculative Equities

Small to medium cap equities trading.

Trading in speculative equities has enabled us to find real prospects for growth before they fully manifest. Giving our investors significant capital growth, once we are confident of their trajectory.

Business Synergies

We pursue growth for our tribe

The very nature of our work, means we act as a center point for various businesses and investor clients with businesses. As such we are often able to cross pollinate growth opportunities through our network,