Royce Stone Strategic Ventures

Investing In Businesses With Strategic Importance


Royce Stone Strategic Ventures  is responsible for investing in companies through the primary or secondary equities market,  with a focus on  small to medium size listed companies.  We enable our investors to achieve high capital growth, by investing in companies in specific industry verticals, that are on the genesis of growth.  We are able to achieve our successes through foresight, insight and  the relationships we forge with management. Our key areas of focus are;


  1. Natural resources that enable future technologies.
  2. Natural resources that are of strategic military importance.
  3. New technology / pharmaceutical devices.
  4. Civil workforce and construction companies


Our Mandate

Strategic Ventures only invests in those companies, where it feels co alignment will  be successful.  We are not obligated with growth targets . As such we have  five key focal points, for the companies we invest in;


  1. They are producing outputs which are of necessity or primary production.
  2. There is a degree of scarcity in supply, in the short to medium term.
  3. Have a first mover, competitive or cost curve advantage when compared to peers.
  4. A strong management team, with a strong  business case.
  5. We invest early, before the full potential is unlocked.

Foresight & Insight

Strategic Ventures has a strong focus on long term growth industry verticals,  and whilst no one is able to predict the future with 100% accuracy. We use collective data in addition to our own independent thinking, to determine where real growth will occur over the long term.


All to often equities markets have been manipulated to drive certain  agendas, causing a disparity between the real value of a stock and the underlying price. We aim to take advantage of these disparities when they cause stocks to be undervalued, or to avoid them once stocks become overvalued.



We only invest where real fundamental growth principles are present and where alignment with management exists.

Our Strategy
Identify Catalysts
Forecasts of Demand & Supply
We work to understand what will drive change for the future, whether it be technological or necessity.
Deal Structure
Target Identification