Royce Stone Private Equity

Patient Capital Supporting Long Term Growth


The Private Equity arm is focused on investments in small to medium sized businesses that deliver substantial capital growth for investors. We only work with businesses that have a compelling business case, strong management team, alignment with investor capital, transparency and that are also are open to our counsel.  We are not pressured by organisational targets and thus we only work in those situations, where we feel a win for all is possible. We provide businesses with;


  • Patient long term equity capital.
  • Effective short term debt / equity solutions.
  • Business growth and improvement strategies.

Long Term Partners

We fundamentally believe, that real sustainable growth in most cases happens over years and that the key to success is a combination of the right people and the right investor capital. More importantly we understand that along the way,  businesses will face challenges and will need short term support. Because of our  long term alignment with them, we are able to provide them with short term liquidity solutions at a discount, to realise their long term growth objectives.

Growth Through Support

The Private Equity arm of the business is closely tied with the Business Growth and Improvement arm , to ensure that any new business is well positioned to take on the challenges facing it. From business governance, business integration, project management to growth strategies. We are well positioned to ensure that these business have all the required resources and mentoring at hand.

We only work with businesses, where transparency and alignment with investor capital exists.

Michael Yarrow - Head of Finance

Compelling Businesses

We focus on three key areas;


1. Compelling business cases, that won’t be phased out due to easy barriers of entry or changing customer preferences.


2. Intelligent and driven leaders.


3. Strong end user value add and a competitive advantage.

Long Term Orientation

We provide businesses with;


1. Long term aligned investor capital.


2. Short term debt / capital liquidity solutions


3. Business Advisory

We Deliver

1.Private equity businesses, that experience substantial capital growth.


2. Businesses with high profitability and that have long term growth objectives.