What We Do

We Take Bold Steps That Are Measured

Mutual Growth

Royce Stone Capital provides non-traditional investment banking services for its clients and finance solutions for the businesses that utilise its funds. We provide certainty to investors and business alike, by creating environments of co-alignment with mutual growth.


Our four key areas of service are;

  • Managed investments for wholesale investors.
  • Equity and debt solutions for listed ASX companies.
  • Equity and debt solutions for private business.
  • Business Advisory


Serving A Unique Client Base

Royce Stone Capital works only with wholesale investors, ranging from sophisticated investors to ultra high net worth families.  As we deal in wholesale funds, our clients receive exclusive offers not available to retail markets. Each of our clients has  a unique set of portfolio requirements, depending on their life stage and growth ambitions.  Consequently we tailor our solutions to meet their appetite for risk, return, time horizons and overall life objectives.

Compelling Business Growth

Royce Stone Capital is not only focused on the capital preservation and growth of its clients wealth. A keystone of our values is to make sure that the capital deployed helps to grow real businesses that create jobs and that provide for those families involved.  At the heart of our thinking, we fundamentally believe sustainable growth is based on grass roots impacts and not just an increase in share price.


We have access to over $100Mn in funds that isn't leveraged; giving us the ability to do drive change in a way others can't.