Investor Services

A Trusted Partner

We Design Bespoke Solutions

Royce Stone Capital serves sophisticated to ultra high net worth clients, who have have entrusted us with the management of their funds. Our focus is to first understand the situation of our clients and then to create tailored solutions based on their portfolio targets and risk appetite as well as their respective life objectives.  We provide our tribe with the following investment opportunities;

  • Capital secure and stable investments, that preserve wealth.
  • Alpha returns in comparison to similar asset classes.
  • High capital growth  investments.
  • Networking opportunities, to grow their existing businesses.

Capital Secure & Stable Investments

Royce Stone Capital Stable is focused on delivering security, capital preservation and low volatility solutions for investors. With this comes comes peace of mind, certainty and confidence for our investors.  We have several funds that provide minimal risk to investor capital, whilst also achieving alpha returns in comparison to similar asset classes.

High Capital Growth Opportunities

Royce Stone Strategic Ventures, Private Equity and Tactical Opportunities business units  focus on investments in new businesses as well as contrarian investments. The focus of these groups is high capital growth where risk is managed and mitigated for. These arms of the business  work to ensure that the right opportunities are identified, filtered and targeted using our methodologies.


We design financial solutions for each of our clients. Because no one client is the same.