Equity & Debt Raising

We Enable Businesses To Grow


Royce Stone Capital provides debt and equity solutions for publicly listed companies  or  private  equity, that fit its investment mandate.  We are able to support the capital requirements of businesses, starting at seed level  through to capital raising.


Our solutions includes a range of equity, debt equity, debt and underwriting solutions that ensures any new or existing business has sufficient liquidity to achieve its ambitions.


Driving Growth

Royce Stone Capital is constantly seeking businesses that it can bring to life or grow by means of providing effective capital and business advisory. We are providers of patient equity capital, with an investor base who look for medium to long term returns, based on solid  fundamentals and  delivery. We typically support businesses by providing;

  • Preferred equity solutions.
  • Ordinary equity solutions.
  • Equity underwriting.

Driving Transformation

Royce Stone Capital is able to help businesses drive change, by injecting timely liquidity.  We do this through a range of debt and debt equity instruments, to ensure businesses are able to achieve their ambitions, whilst keeping their share dilution to a minimum.  We typically support businesses when;

  • There is shortfall, in capital raising.
  • Capital is required, and they do not wish to dilute their share base.
  • Short term liquidity is required, due to project delays .
  • Long term project capital is required  but,  do not wish to dilute the share base at a low price.


We are either driving growth or helping to transform a business. Our focus is to work with good businesses, who have genuine leaders.

Our Impact

Businesses trust us because we have the ability to grow or transform a business, because of the type of investor capital we have available.  We align the right investor capital with the right business opportunities, ensuring environments of co alignment.

Seed Capital

Genesis funding

Seed capital is our preferred starting point and as such, we aim to provide capital at both a seed and IPO level for selected companies.

Initial Public Offerings

New opportunities

We have the ability to finance an IPO or part of depending on the nature of the business. We only work with businesses that fit our investment criteria.

Capital Raises

Helping businesses operate

We support businesses, by assisting them raise capital at various points in their life cycle. We typically support a capital raise when we are confident of the path moving forward for the business.


We take on the risk, to ensure your business can grow

We have the ability to underwrite debt or equity, to ensure there is never a short fall of liquidity.

Convertible Notes

Liquidity as needed

We provide short, medium and long term liquidity injections as needed, whilst minimising share dilution.