Debtor Financing

We Solve Liquidity Problems, So Businesses Can Grow


Royce Stone Capital provides a range of debtor financing solutions, for businesses that require short or long term cash flow solutions. We understand how a debtors delay in payment or  extensive payment terms can exhaust and impede a business’s ability to operate.


Unlike other providers of debtor financing we only charge interest on the credit provided at a competitive rate, and nor do we have extensive additional fees.  We are able to do this, because our capital is unleveraged and above all patient, providing there is adequate security.

Cost Effective Credit

Our Debtor financing solutions are designed for businesses , with debtors who are large scale organisations, and thus a lower risk profile than the them. This provides smaller businesses access to cheaper credit than if they were to  seek credit based solely on their own risk profile. We enable small to medium sized businesses who do work for;

  • Government & Defense
  • Large scale listed ASX companies
  • Large scale private businesses

Enabling Growth

Our debtor note solutions, ensure businesses have timely access to credit as and when required, to ensure they can focus on driving their own business growth. Our solutions allow businesses to;

  • Pay staff and  other bills as they arise, without cash flow impediments.
  • Take on projects they would other wise would not be able to.
  • Have peace of mind, of funds being available for unknown events.


We Prevent Cash Flow Problems From Impeding A Business' Operations
Debtor Notes As Assets
Timely Liquidity
We use approved debtor notes as security, to provide you with credit.
Low Cost Credit
Volume And Scalability

We provide timely and cost effective credit to businesses, allowing them to take on more projects and to focus on their core business.

Tarek Omar - Head Of Capital Stable Investments

Our Goal

We provide liquidity in situations where a businesses ability to operate or grow is impaired by illiiquidity. We have the foresight and experience to determine what blends of equity and debt are best suited for your future.

Our Solutions

  • Invoice Financing

    We provide small to medium sized businesses with invoice financing solutions, where debtors are large scale organisations and invoices can't be disputed. This enables businesses to continue operations in industries where payment terms are prolonged, or to take on a greater number of projects than they otherwise would.

  • Government Grants

    We are able to provide upfront 95% of any approved government grant, using the government grant as the main security item. This enables businesses to have access to funds immediately once approved, and thus allows businesses to put capital to immediate use.

  • Short Term Loans

    Businesses requiring a short term cash injection, are able to use their debtor invoices for one off short term business loans. Providing debtors are large scale organisations and that invoices can't be disputed,we use these notes as part of the overall security we require. This enables businesses access to cheaper credit than secured first or second mortgage loans in some instances.

  • Other Debtor Notes

    There are a range of debtor notes we are able to provide finance for, in a rang of circumstances. Such as payments made to the ATO, when a company has been trading whilst insolvent and payments must be paid back to the liquidator.