Business Services Overview

We Provide Timely, Patient and Effective Capital

We Drive Business Growth

Royce Stone Capital has access to over $100 million in unleveraged funds, giving us the ability to provide bespoke solutions that are intelligent, effective and timely. This enables us to provide patient capital at short notice that enables business growth.  Businesses work with us because we are able to provide;


  • Understanding of their long term ambitions and challenges.
  • Patient long term equity and debt solutions.
  • Short term equity and debt solutions.
  • Business intelligence and advisory.
  • The networks to drive change from behind the scenes.

Intelligent Capital

Not all capital is equal, and neither are the solutions designed to deploy it. That is why we use our collective experience to determine  what financial mechanisms, vehicles and solutions are best for our  business clients.  This includes;

  • Current and future capital requirements.
  • Debt / Equity mix.
  • Time horizons.
  • Risk mitigation.

Effective Capital

Royce Stone Capital is able to deploy timely funds as they are required. At a cost that enables businesses to grow; rather than inhibiting them. We understand  the reciprocal relationship that we share with our business clients and view our business clients as  long term partners, whose business growth we are a part of.


Not all capital is equal. We pride ourselves on bespoke, intelligent and effective capital solutions. That enables businesses to grow.

Tarek Omar - Head of Capital Stable Investments