Business Advisory

We Solve Business Problems


Royce Stone Business Growth & Improvement (BGI), is responsible for working with our business partners to transform and grow their businesses. We develop as well as help implement a range of strategic and tactical solutions, to drive value from the core of a business to ensure businesses are resilient.


We access and leverage our extensive networks, subject matter experts and investor partners to cross pollinate ideas to develop new solutions.

Driving Growth

Royce Stone Capital has an extensive network consisting of the businesses that utilise its funds, investors  and partner organisations it works with.  We realise that value comes down to the ability of how the products / services of one party, can solve the problems of another. Often businesses either over value or under value their products and services, or more dangerously do not realise the value they can unlock within their own offerings. Consequently we are able to develop solutions and relationships to create new avenues for growth.

Driving Improvement

Royce Stone Capital realises that all to often businesses stagnate and the root cause of this is either  restrictions in capital, environmental factors or more importnalty leadership. We aren’t interested in complex solutions or the type of thinking that says “i know”, but rather we focus on “how.” How things can grow, improve and be smarter and how they came to be, so we can learn from the past.


We Drive Value From The Core

  • We focus on a business’ core value add, and how we can expand its impact.


  • Our aim is to make sure that core competitive advantage of a business is is resilient to cost pressures, competition and macro environmental factors.

Thinking of Tomorrow

  1. We believe businesses, must always think about what tomorrow will bring. This includes risks, market changes and if their business will still be relevant.


  • We help businesses identify how they can diversify their offerings or investments to compliment their existing business model.

Keep It Simple

  1. We keep things simple, as simplicity helps to ensure timely delivery and effective implementation.
  2. The solutions we develop,  are not only intelligent and practical, but they are cost effective as well as timely.

We think deeply about our clients problems, and even deeper about the solutions to those problems. Our value add, is the ability to leverage knowledge, networks and experts to develop intelligent solutions.

Nick Agetzis - Head Legal Counsel

Our Goal

We focus on providing real world solutions, for real businesses. Our solutions, our intelligent, simple and effective; we don't have time for it it to be otherwise.

Our Core Areas of Work

  • Commercialisation

    We enable businesses to identify and target new markets for existing or new product sets. This involves a range strategic plans with key tactical delivery projects, including channel & business development as well as operational delivery.

  • Financial Management

    We believe strong balance sheets are a result of good commercial acumen and the ability to effectively manage cash flow. In this respect we are able to advise businesses how best they can utilise and manage their existing funds or a range of solutions, to ensure they are able to operate today as well as going into the future.

  • Business Negotiations

    We are able to assist and help our business partners with their business and procurement negotiations. Our team has the ability to ask the hard questions, find value and find points of mutual benefit. We use both legal and commercial specialists, to drive negotiations in order to deliver optimal outcomes.

  • Business Mentoring

    The nature of our work means we often have businesses approaching us for our measured counsel. Our corporate experience and the skills within the team, in addition to the large transactions we are involved in, means we are well positioned to give sound advice to small and medium sized businesses.